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Sir Yes Sir!

Follow orders and stop thinking you are hot shit rookie! Traders like to think they are a big deal because they are “traders”. If you

Tiffany McIntyre

Process vs Outcome Goals

Novice traders love nothing more than a great outcome and a great outcome for a novice trader is seeing green in the P&L. Instead of

Michael Tyler

Swing Batter Batter

How many times have you had that 8 out of 10 trade setup only to see it get stopped out and then move to your

Michael Tyler

Size Matters

Many would like you to believe that trading 100 shares is no different then trading 10000. All your dreams will come true as soon as

Weekly Trade Review -$72

Week of March 2, 2020 – ($72) Week 10 7.5R Loss 20 Trades – 11 Winners – 9 Losers Day 41 – Mar 2 1.5R

Are you not Entertained!

When it comes to day trading education, what is more important to you, growth or entertainment? When browsing through YouTube or Instagram let’s all remember

Michael Tyler

Bring the Noise

Trading encompasses many ideas and theories and we believe being able to see through the noise is one of the most important. As you dive


We didn’t want last week to go by without marking it part of our history with a post. Last week represented the largest correction in

Weekly Trade Review $5

Week of February 24, 2020 – $5 Week 9 0.5R Gain 17 Trades – 6 Winners – 11 Losers Day 36 – Feb 24 2R

Tiffany McIntyre

Breaking Bad

Trading will always be hard work and challenge your inner child, demons and anything other bullshit you have living in there but it doesn’t have

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