Our adventure is to travel the globe, to experience the world on our terms. Our path isn’t for everyone but that’s the point and frankly it’s the whole point. Live a life that has meaning to you and maybe make the world a better place along the way but carve out experiences that make you feel alive. In March of 2018 we set out on a plan to make our adventurous ideas a reality through Day Trading. We are trading to escape the ordinary day to day life in search of extraordinary experiences.

We are new to all of this, new to trading, new to YouTube, and new to blogging. Everything you see and hear is raw and real. We hope years from now we can look back at this journey, have a smile and maybe have helped someone avoid a mistake or two. At this stage of the game we are certainly not trying to be your Guru or convince anyone we know what we are doing. We are here to document and share, to TRADE and ESCAPE!